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Padre Amoedo | 1-3
36002 Pontevedra

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Tuesday to thursday

12:30 - 16:00
20:00 - 00:00

Friday and saturday12:30 - 16:00
20:00 - 02:00

Sunday12:30 - 16:00

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Fried squid in bread baked in a wood-fired oven

roasted black garlic and lime peel

9.80 €

Tetilla cheese sandwich

pesto and spealt bread

8.50 €

Shrimp Jiaozi and sautéed leek

with green and red toshaka and Teriyaki sauce

11.50 €

Crunchy veal Galician empanadas (“Greatest hits”)

baked tetilla, tandoori and Padrón peppers hot sauce

9.30 €

Cold dishes

Ultra salad

spinach, hazelnuts, tomato, acid apple, cebreiro cheese, crouton and mustard seasoning and honey (2 pax)

15.60 €

Softly marinated sea bass

in pickled stone fruit, piparra, caper and pickled onion

15.60 €

Eggplant to the flame

chestnut crumble and blue cheese sauce

9.50 €

Roasted carpaccio of beet

pistachio vinagrette

9.50 €

Maki sushi

steak tartare and fried potato

16.50 €

Raisined tomato

oily tetilla cream, basil and flower honey vinaigrette

12.60 €

Hot dishes

Fried sole

with tarragon fine sauce and capers (2 pax)

27.50 €

Lobster fideuá

with mayonnaise of lime (2 pax)

32.50 €


with roasted leek and curry “caldeirada

14.50 €

Tartera of stewed ossobuco

with vegetables and piparras (2 pax)

24.50 €

Dry rice

roast beef tenderloin, smoked chili emulsion, garrufo and green bean (2pax)

25.50 €

Lourenzá beans crew

with pickled partridge (2 pax)

23.50 €

Tuna Yakitori

with Jerez chimi-churry

15.90 €

Red hot chicken wings

16.50 €

Creamy cod omelette

pil pil, garlic chips and parsley

16.50 €

Glazed beef meatballs

foie flakes with Savora mustard

11.50 €

Galician steak t-bone beef

grilled, settled, underdone, 1Kg (2 pax)

37.00 €

11.60 €

Chicken Nuggets

with chips


tomato, bacon, ham, mozzarella and oregano


«Brutal» puff pastry millefeuille and bourbon vanila cream

(2 pax)

7.00 €

New York Cheesecake

6.50 €

Chocolate ice cream with praline of hazelnut and raspberries

6.50 €

Lemon ice cream

5.50 €

Egg custard

5.50 €

Creamy Requesón de As Neves with eucalyptus honey

5.50 €


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Our history

Discover it!

It's time to introduce you our macaque Güei. He's a crook that sneaked in during a stormy night. He lives in the kitchen, but once in a while he comes out to bother customers with sailor's old stories. He was one amongst many exotic animals which the shipping boats across the seas used to make business with. Despite living surrounded by gold, silver and ivory, he decided to stay with us in our tavern.
Ultramar, is overall, a tavern with a casual look and a cooking full of contrasts, where you can find a squid sandwich or a steak tartar (in the same menu). Taking the local product as starting point along with an excellent wine cellar.
A project by Pepe Vieira